Thursday, 15 October 2015

Economics is neither tasty not nutritious!

Entitlement is deceptively subjective; politics an unfortunate structural requirement and yet, one thing's true, you can't feed your kids on hope and hype.

Tinkering with or restating GDP data is one thing; not addressing unemployment is something else altogether. Too many people from all walks-of-life and in most geographies are in financial stress. Although we're on the cusp of the next innovative age, there is little suggestion that the REAL issues are being adequately addressed. We're surprised when consumer-spending data shows that consumers are spending less.... Consumers are spending less because they, wait for it, have LESS to spend! Following on from that companies obviously stock less, build less, manufacture less and sell less... Why then the surprise when 'manufacturing data' deteriorates? Since companies sell less they employ fewer people who then spend less and so on. That's not economics it's common sense. Ironically companies reliant on technology and laying-off staff are merely 'passing-the-bill' hoping other industries employ the people they sell their goods to. It's not sustainable..

Do yourself a favour and employ as many people as you can. Your financial security, like mine, depends on them and theirs and his on hers and mine on yours.... The rest is rubbish.

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